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4 Ways to Boost Internet Speed on Your Phone

Ways to Boost Internet Speed
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And we all know, that to have a fast internet connection requires types of equipment such as a strong Wi-Fi connection, RAM of 4+, a large space, and other advanced equipment.

Well, this equipment is very expensive to some while others require experts to use.

Thanks to the new modern phones that are built with ways to solve Internet Speed issue.


Having a very low space on your phone slows the phone’s activity which causes lagging. Having an external space does not do anything until you reduce the internal space.

It’s advisable to reduce space by deleting useful, junk content or transferring them to the cloud or to your email.

Number and size

When downloading content, it’s advisable to know the content size and how many are in the download list.

A larger content whether 2 or more will take longer to download while many files with larger sizes take longer too.

According to my research, an average phone can download a 250Mb file with a speed of 700k/s in less than 5 minutes. This is acquired when there an ample space and a large RAM to increase your Internet Speed.

Phone browser

Use Phoenix and Chrome browsers since they can still download when the phone is asleep or locked.

This can enable you to do other activities you wish to do since no one likes to stare at the phone all the downloading time.

System update

It is advisable to upgrade your phone regularly to enable phone activity speed increase.

Regular updates of apps are required too for boosting phone activity.

Updates of apps not from Google play store increase risk of phone damage.

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