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Amazon Flex Driver, How to Become One & Salary

Amazon Flex Driver

Becoming an Amazon Flex driver involves several steps to ensure you meet the requirements and successfully join the program. Amazon Flex is a service that allows individuals to deliver Amazon packages using their own vehicles. Here’s how you can become an Amazon Flex driver:

  1. Check Eligibility:
    • You must be at least 21 years old.
    • You need to have a valid driver’s license.
    • You must have access to a vehicle: car, SUV, truck, or van.
    • You need a smartphone with the Amazon Flex app (available on iOS and Android) for route navigation and package delivery updates.
  2. Application:
    • Visit the Amazon Flex website ( and sign up for an account.
    • Complete the application form, providing accurate and required information.
  3. Background Check:
    • Amazon will conduct a background check, which may include a review of your driving record and criminal history. A clean driving record is often preferred.
  4. Vehicle Inspection:
    • You may need to have your vehicle inspected to ensure it meets Amazon’s requirements for safety and suitability for package delivery.
  5. Download the App and Complete Training:
    • Download the Amazon Flex app on your smartphone.
    • Complete any training modules or onboarding materials provided within the app.
  6. Choose Availability:
    • Set your availability in the app based on your schedule. Amazon Flex offers different delivery blocks at various times.
  7. Accept Delivery Blocks:
    • Delivery blocks are specific shifts during which you’ll be responsible for delivering packages. When delivery blocks become available, you’ll receive notifications through the app. You can choose to accept or decline them.
  8. Package Pickup:
    • Arrive at the designated Amazon delivery station at the beginning of your selected delivery block to pick up packages.
  9. Deliver Packages:
    • Follow the route provided by the Amazon Flex app to deliver packages to customers. The app provides navigation instructions and real-time updates.
  10. Complete Deliveries:
  • Mark packages as delivered in the app once you’ve dropped them off at the specified locations.
  1. Earnings and Payments:
  • Your earnings are based on the number of packages delivered and the distance traveled.
  • Payments are typically made weekly through direct deposit.
  1. Provide Feedback:
  • Amazon encourages drivers to provide feedback on the delivery experience, which helps improve the overall process.

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How to Become an Amazon Flex Driver?

Registering and being an Amazon Flex driver only takes a few minutes. Follow the below-given steps to get started with the process:

1. Install the Amazon Flex app

The first step to becoming an amazon flex driver is to download the Amazon Flex app on a mobile phone that is easily available on Google Play Store or Apple Store.

Access to the application can also be available on the Amazon Flex website. You need to click on ‘Let’s Drive,’ and it will ask you to download the app from the browser.

Once the application is installed, you must create a new account or log in using an existing Amazon account. The username and password are required to sign in for further application processing.

2. Grant permissions

Once you are done creating an account on Amazon, you need to allow your device’s GPS, camera, and phone state permissions. The application needs these permissions to continue the process of navigation, scanning packages, and verifying users’ activities.

3. Fill in the basic details

Then you need to enter a few basic details like the vehicle type, zip code, availability, and others to start delivering with Amazon Flex.

4. Answer additional questions

Amazon will further ask you quick questions about the delivery job. You need to provide details about your driving record and educational background to enable the company to perform different background checks.

You must provide the required documents and payment details. Once the application is submitted, you need to wait for the final approval.

Once the check is complete, now you, being a delivery partner, can reserve a block, deliver packages to customers, and get paid. Amazon offers Flex services in major states like San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Las Vegas, Portland, New York, and Chicago.

You can use the helpful training videos available on the Amazon Flex website or app to learn about distribution center fills, local Amazon Flex warehouse jobs, deliveries, Amazon Flex pay, Amazon logistics operations, and other important segments.

Amazon Flex Delivery Driver Salary by State?

Amazon Flex offers a great ecosystem where you can earn a decent amount every month. As an Amazon Flex driver, you can earn about $18 to $25 per hour, that too at your feasible time.

The actual earnings of an Amazon Flex driver in the United States are around $39,000, and some of the top earners can make up to $50,500 per year. You can ride for a few delivery blocks and become eligible for commissions and payouts.

The locations and delivery work also impact the earnings, so you need to scale their earnings charts.

You have to schedule your work in blocks to self-assign and choose using the application. Beyond the normal working hours, you can take ‘instant offers’ deliveries that add an extra income stream.

Keep in mind that Amazon Flex drivers are considered independent contractors, which means you’ll need to account for any expenses related to your vehicle, gas, insurance, and taxes.

Before starting, carefully review Amazon Flex’s terms and conditions, as well as any legal and tax implications related to being an independent contractor for package delivery.

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