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Amount of Money Azziad Is Earning From Tik Tok, Instagram, Instagram, And Facebook

Amount of Money Azziad Is Earning From Tik Tok, Instagram, Instagram, And Facebook

Famous Social media influencer Azziad Nasenya, famously known for her videos on Tiktok has finally revealed how much she charges to advertise on her social media pages.

Azziad became a hot topic of discussion on the internet on Wednesday, July 22, over the amount of money she charges with some claiming it was too high.

In a post shared by Azziad, she outlined the amount she charges on various social media platforms including Youtube, Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook.

To have an advert posted on Azziad’s Tiktok page, one would have to pay Sh. 100,000 for videos and Sh50,000 for live sessions.

On Instagram, she charges in three categories which include; Sh100,000 for an Instagram feed, Sh50,00 for an Instagram story, and Sh50,000 for a live session.

On Twitter, she charges Sh50,000 for a single post while on Facebook she charges Sh100,000 for a single post and Sh50,000 for a live video.

Finally, on Youtube she has advertisements in three categories; Video adverts at SH100,000, placement of ads at SH.50,000, and mentions at Sh30,000.

Azziad also has weekly and monthly deals where she charges an average of Sh250,000 for weekly adverts and Sh500,000 for monthly.

Azziad enjoys a following of over half a million on Instagram, approximately 126,000 followers on Twitter, and over 50,000 subscribers on Youtube.

She is one of the fastest-rising influencers in the country.

She shot into the limelight after a TikTok video that she did on the “utawezana” song went viral.

Azziad Rates Card

In Africa, Azziad was ranked at position 28. On TikTok, Azziad has a following of 1.4 million and on YouTube, Azziad has 134,000 subscribers. On Facebook, she has 426,000 followers.

In July 2020, Azziad Nasenya’s salary rate card was leaked online, leaving netizens in shock. According to the rate card, she charges Sh. 100,000 for a Tiktok video and Sh. 50,000 for a live video on the same platform.

In addition, an advertiser will be required to pay Sh. 100,000, Sh. 50,000 and another Sh. 50,000 for Instagram Feed, Instagram story, and Instagram Live respectively. If an advertiser wants her services on Facebook, one will be forced to cough Sh. 100,000 per Post and 50,000 for a live session on the same platform.

At the same time, one will pay Sh. 100,000, Sh. 30,000 and Sh. 50,00 for videos, mentions, and placements on YouTube.

She also has a monthly package and weekly brand engagements where she charges Sh. 250,000 for one Tiktok video, one tweet, one Instapost, one Instastory, and one Facebook post.

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