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Borehole Drilling Companies, Prices, and Requirements In Kenya

Borehole Drilling Companies

Borehole drilling is often done using borehole drilling equipment commonly known as a motorized drilling rig. A drilling rig is a drilling machine that can drill boreholes or wells for water, oil, or gas.

A general description of a drilling rig is that it is a massive structure that can penetrate through the Earth’s surface to dig deep holes.

The rig is often mounted on trailers or trucks to make it mobile. A Borehole drilling machine prices in Kenya can cost about Ksh. 3 million for a heavy-duty single-unit drilling rig.

Besides, the more advanced and robust the drilling is the higher the cost you can incur. However, for commercial purposes, it is worth the price.

Borehole Drilling Prices In Kenya

How much does a borehole cost to drill in Kenya? On average the quotation for drilling boreholes can cost as low as Ksh 500,000 and as high as Ksh. 6 million which is the average drilling price in Kenya.

The cost accounts for licensing, labor, transport logistic, water pump, and many more.

Shorter water tables lead to less drilling expenditure and can cost much less than the average market price.

Thus, it is important to engage a borehole drilling company for an exact quotation for your borehole. Also, NYS borehole drilling services are also affordable.


Borehole Drilling Cost For Various Counties

The cost of drilling a borehole in Kitui Kenya, Machakos, and Makueni ranges from Ksh. 800,000 to Ksh. 6 million. The cost for drilling a borehole in Mombasa, Nairobi, and Nakuru can range from Ksh. 700,000 to 4 million. Check this table for a better understanding.

Cost Of Drilling A Borehole InEstimated Borehole Drilling Prices
KisiiKsh. 500,000 – Ksh. 1.2 million
BometKsh. 500,000 – Ksh. 1.2 million
EldoretKsh. 500,000 – Ksh. 1.2 million
KerichoKsh. 500,000 – Ksh. 1.2 million
NarokKsh. 500,000 – Ksh. 1.2 million
NakuruKsh. 700,000 – Ksh. 3 million
MachakosKsh. 800,000 – Ksh. 4 million
MakueniKsh. 800,000 – Ksh. 4 million
KituiKsh. 1.5 million – Ksh. 6 million
NairobiKsh.900,000 – Ksh. 3 million
B/Drilling Cost For Different Counties

Requirements For Drilling

There are several factors influencing the overall cost of b/drilling. A few things that must be done include:

1. Investigating the Site Location

The place you desire your borehole to be drilled and the distance from the drilling company affects the cost. High logistic costs may be incurred if your place is too far from the drilling company you choose.

2. Assessing Water Table

A physical site survey or examination has to be done in order to determine issues such as whether or not that place can be a water source.

3. Geological Nature of the Site

Places that have tough ground and require much power to drill can cost higher compared to easy-to-drill places.

4. Depth of the Hole

A higher depth and larger width hole uses a lot of resources to drill which can be reflected in the overall cost of the project

5. Type of Pump

The suitability of a pump to be used for each drilled hole is different depending on the depth of the hole and the general geological nature of the site.

Types of borehole pumps include solar water pumps or electric water pumps. You can read more about solar-powered water pumps in Kenya here.

6. You Need a License

A permit to allow the drilling company drills your site is mandatory and needs some money.

7. Company Policy Requirement

Companies charge differently for drilling a borehole. Some borehole drilling companies may charge per cubic meter.

However, other companies sum up the whole cost together with the company’s profit and then give the cost for the whole project.

Borehole Drilling Companies In Kenya

The following is a list of drilling companies in Kenya

Location: Vision Plaza

Phone: 0722 740 522

2. Davis & Shirtliff

Davis & Shirtliff headquarters is located in Dundori Road, Industrial Area, Nairobi.

Phone: 0711 079 000.

The company has several branches in most counties in Kenya. Davis & Shirtliff is a big company in Kenya and supplies various water equipment across the company.

The company does borehole drilling as well as installing control and a pumping system. The company also supplies other equipment including solar, generators, swimming pools, and water treatment.

3. Rhino Water Drillers

Location: Karen Langata Road

Phone: 0722 585 936

4. Apex Boreholes & Engineering Co. Ltd

The company headquarters is located in ABC Bank Building, Dar Es Salaam Road, Nairobi.

Phone 1: 0725 267 083.

Phone 2: 0726 679 886

Apex Boreholes Company is well established such that it serves East African Community. The company has a lot of staff including engineers and geologists. Also, it owns four rigs, three pump testing units, five survey tetrameters, and many more drilling equipment.

5. Wotech Kenya Ltd

Location: Near Avenue Hospital, Batu Batu Gardens, Nairobi

Phone: 0732 564 481

6. Aquadeep Drilling Solutions Limited

The company is located in the CM Construction Godown No. 15, Behind FEIL Godowns, After City Cabanas Fly Over, Off Mombasa Road, Nairobi.

Phone: 0718 637 447

Just like other borehole drilling companies in Kenya, Aquadeep Drilling Solutions Limited does fresh borehole drilling as well as borehole refurbishment.

They also supply pumps and control systems.  

7. Simba Drilling Company Limited

The company is located along Karen Road.

Phone: 0780 117 447

8. AntonLiners Systems

Location: Off Mombasa Road, Solanite Industries Store, Nr. 3

Phone: 0718 765 936

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