How to Buy KPLC Tokens Without Paying Transaction Charges

Buy KPLC Tokens Without Paying Transaction Charges

Besides the ordinary M-PESA purchase channel, customers can afford access to the KPLC tokens. Not many customers want to use M-PESA’s to buy KPLC tokens because its transaction charges are high.

Worse, some of those transaction-free services were not working at the time too, including the Mwangaza App, which has a loyal following and has been in business for an extended period.

This story, however, is not about the downtime, but a look into services that you can use to purchase KPLC tokens without paying those exorbitant M-PESA charges.

Ready? Here are some of the Apps to buy KPLC tokens without paying transaction charges:

Mwangaza App

This is the most popular of the group because it has loyal customers. It has been working great, save for the downtime it experienced last week.

All you need to do is just download the app, set it app, load its wallet (via M-PESA without transaction charges too), and transact away.


This service also has a lot of customers. It does not charge customers anything when they want to purchase Kenya Power tokens.

If the Mwangaza app doesn’t work for you, then you can test it out. To note, some customers opted for this service when other channels were not working over the course of last week.


Tingg, formerly the Mula App, is a payments service by the fintech corporation Cellulant.

It works just like the aforementioned Mwangaza and Pesapal apps. The beauty of it is that it is most stable and has few to zero complaints on social media platforms because it just works as advertised.

Rejareja App

This is an e-commerce platform that also features a payment service. Some of its bill payment services, such as Kenya Power token purchases, can be requested for free.

You can add more in the comments section if we have missed any:

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