How To Check Safaricom Numbers Registered With My ID Card

Check Safaricom Numbers Registered With My ID Card

The national ID Card is frequently used by Kenyans. It identifies a person’s name, gender, and place of residence. If the wrong people get hold of your ID card, they might register mobile numbers that could be used for illegal purposes or to apply for mobile loans through the mobile money lending system.

Some consumers have found that they have credit bureau listings for mobile loans they were not aware of.

Following the trail, they learned that their identity cards were being used to register mobile numbers for loans that were being applied for.

Some persons have been implicated in crimes they did not commit because their personal information was utilized.

Inform the proper authorities and get a police abstract if you lose your identification card.

Check to discover if your identity card has registered any other mobile numbers by calling or visiting the customer service department of your mobile service provider. Safaricom has not made it easy for customers to check how many phone numbers are registered using their IDs. All one has to do is dial *106# and follow the prompts as shown.

Select Option 1, Safaricom immediately gives one the numbers registered using their ID and sends them an SMS immediately too.

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The same shortcode enables one to report an unknown number, check reported numbers, and cancel reported numbers among others.

Safaricom has added a new stage during SIM registration for verifying ID numbers.

If you buy an extra SIM card during the registration process, Safaricom will send an SMS to your MAIN number.

The SMS will be issued from the number 707 and will inquire as to the validity of the registration.

Customers will either reply “YES” or “NO.”

A text message from 707 will be sent to you if someone attempts to register a SIM card with your ID number.

Simply respond NO if you are not enrolling a new SIM card in response to this SMS in order to stop someone else from registering a SIM with your ID.

We have seen an increase in fraud in Kenya, where con artists steal other people’s identities, fabricate documents or transactions, or just trick individuals into sending money to the wrong addresses. Additionally, we’ve seen a rise in the number of persons whose unauthorized use of loans through apps has been reported to credit bureaus.

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