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How Does Mailtrack Work?


Mailtrack is a popular email tracking service that provides real-time notifications and tracking information about sent emails. It is primarily used as a tool for tracking email opens and link clicks, enabling users to monitor the engagement and effectiveness of their email communications.

Here’s how Mailtrack typically works:

1. Installation

To start using Mailtrack, you need to install its browser extension or add-on. Currently, Mailtrack supports popular browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

2. Tracking Pixels

When you compose an email and enable Mail-track, it adds a tracking pixel or invisible image to the email.

This pixel is a tiny, transparent image (usually a 1×1 pixel) embedded in the email’s content. It is usually placed at the end of the message, so it remains inconspicuous to the recipient.

3. Tracking Requests

Once the email is sent, Mailtrack’s tracking pixel functions as a beacon. When the recipient opens the email, their email client (such as Gmail) loads the tracking pixel from Mailtrack’s servers.

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This pixel request is often invisible to the recipient, and they remain unaware of the tracking.

4. Data Collection

When the tracking pixel is loaded, it sends a request back to Mailtrack’s servers, indicating that the email has been opened. Mailtrack then records this information, including the time and date of the open event.

5. Notifications

As the sender, you receive real-time notifications or read receipts from Mailtrack whenever someone opens your tracked email. These notifications can be delivered through browser notifications, email notifications, or both, depending on your Mailtrack settings.

6. Link Tracking

In addition to email opens, Mailtrack can also track link clicks within your emails. By adding tracking parameters to the URLs you include in your message, Mailtrack can identify when a recipient clicks on a link and provide you with corresponding data.

7. Dashboard and Analytics

Mailtrack offers a dashboard where you can view detailed analytics about your tracked emails. You can access information such as the number of opens, link clicks, and the engagement history for each email you’ve sent.

It’s important to note that while Mailtrack is a widely used email tracking service, some email clients and security settings may block the loading of tracking pixels or display a warning to the recipient about external content. As a result, tracking accuracy can vary depending on the recipient’s email setup.

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