How To Book SGR Online and Payment Via M-PESA

Book SGR Online

The SGR trains serve two types of book SGR online and passengers: first-class travelers and economy-class passengers.

At the time of writing, the Kenya Railway Corporation KRC charges adults Ksh. 3,000 for the first-class seats and half the price for children aged 3 to 11. 

Passengers who wish to book seats in the economic section will pay Ksh. 1.000 for adults and Ksh. 500 for children aged 3 to 11 years old.

SGR Customer Care Number

Madaraka Express passengers can get in touch with customer support at 0709 388 887 for inquiries and complaints as well as for lost and found items. 

If you want to book a service for the Madaraka Express SGR train, get in touch with the KRC customer support team at 0709 388 888.

If you have serious issues with their services, you may directly contact customer care via 0709 907 000.

8 SGR Passenger Service Conditions

  • Passengers should arrive at least 1 hour earlier than the time indicated on the ticket.
  • Passengers must have original documents to identify them during the travel.
  • Any rescheduling or cancellation of a journey should be communicated at the counter 48 hours earlier.
  • An original identification document plus a photocopy should be presented at the counter when canceling or rescheduling a journey.
  • SGR train tickets cannot be transferred.
  • Passengers are not supposed to bring along pets, sprays flammable sprays, or sharp objects.
  • Passengers are only supposed to use M-PESA to pay for the travel – don’t pay for a ticket through the bank.
  • Passengers must not carry alcoholic drinks to the train station or on the train.

How to Book SGR Online via M-PESA

You can now save yourself some long queuing time at the train terminus by book SGR online through M-PESA.

The M-PESA booking process for a train ticket is easy.

  • Dial *639# via your Safaricom line.
  • Choose the train you wish to travel in from the list shown (Inter-County Express, Nairobi – Mombasa Express, Mombasa – Nairobi Express, and Suswa train).
  • Choose the time you wish to depart.
  • Pick the day you wish to board the train for your travel.
  • Pick the class you wish to travel in.
  • Enter the total number of passengers traveling.
  • Key in the number of children you are traveling with who are between 3 and 11 years old.
  • Provide your personal details (Name, Gender, ID, Nationality).

Note that the personal details you provide must be accurate. You will use these details to collect your ticket once at the train station.

  • Select M-pesa as your preferred payment option and make the payment.

That’s it.

The next step would be to print your ticket at the train terminus.

Be aware that each time you dial *639# to book your SGR ticket through M-PESA, Safaricom will charge you Ksh. 1 from your airtime balance.

Madaraka Express Passenger station Contacts

For inquiries, you can contact Kenya Railways through the following numbers and contacts.

  • Kenya Railways Email: [email protected]
  • SGR Booking phone number:  0709 388 888
  • SGR Website:
  • Facebook account: Kenya Railways
  • Twitter account: @KenyaRailways

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