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How to Pay AliExpress Using M-PESA

AliExpress Using M-PESA

M-PESA users shopping on will be presented with M-PESA as one of the payment options when checking out their shopping cart on the website.

Once customers select M-PESA, they will then key in their mobile phone numbers and will subsequently receive a prompt on their phones to type their M-PESA PIN to complete the payment.

AliExpress customers selecting M-PESA as a payment channel will have their total cost displayed in Kenya Shillings with standard Lipa Na M-PESA Paybill charges applicable for each transaction.

As has been the case, shoppers will also have the option of using their post office box numbers as the delivery location for their items.

How to AliExpress M-PESA

To access the AliExpress M-PESA service you will need to download the AliExpress App on the Google play store or App Store or shop from the AliExpress website.

Ensure you register on AliExpress to create an account. Register your M-PESA mobile number too, to enable M-PESA payment.

Using M-PESA as payment while on AliExpress App

To pay for a product on AliExpress you will:

  • Open AliExpress App
  • Choose the product you want to buy.
  • Click on Buy Now and click
  • Provide Shipping Address.
  • Click on the select payment method and select M-PESA

AliExpress Using M-PESA Cost/Charges

For M-PESA the amount displayed while making the payment is the final cost of the item purchased.

But when you are paying using a card, you will incur charges on top of what you are paying.

Please enquire with your local courier companies or tax offices in case an additional levy will be imposed.

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Reporting a Dispute

To report a dispute, visit the AliExpress report center, at

Or Log in to your AliExpress App and Find the order under My Order Click View Detail to see the raise dispute button.

Reasons for raising a dispute:

  • You can open a dispute if the items that you ordered did not reach you within the expected time. Though the first option is to try to resolve the issue directly with the seller before raising a dispute.
  • You may also raise a dispute if the item received does not match the description in the product listing or is damaged.

Note: For the goods that have not been received yet, you can only open a dispute after delivery time is over.

AliExpress customer support

To access customer service, kindly refer to the AliExpress website page, and click on the Help menu

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