How to Place an Order & Pay Goods at Kilimall Using Mpesa in Kenya.

Pay Goods at Kilimall Using Mpesa in Kenya.

Kilimall is the Best or #Number One Online Shopping site in Kenya and Africa. It is widely known because it serves its Clients to an excess of their demand, Sells Genuine Products, Best Guarantee Prices (Product Prices + Fees), and More Other Features.

Kilimall Sells Men’s and Ladies’ Wear, Accessories, Electronics, Smartphones, Tablets, Home Utensils and Appliances, and More Other Products.

The Page Below Compiled with Full Process of Placing an Order, How to Purchase Products ie Smartphone, and Paying using different Modes of Payment at Kilimall Online Shop

Kindly, Read all the Procedures on the Page below.

How to Shop Goods, eg “Smartphones or Phone Accessories” at Kilimall in Kenya.

Shopping for Goods or Placing an Order at Kilimall is an easy way, Just Follow the Procedures in a Systematical way as they follow;

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How to Place an Order.

  1. Search for their Site. ie “” and Log into your account if you have an existing account or Create or Register a New Account. Creating an Account is an easy way, Just Provide the Requirements Phone Number, Email Address, Yours Full Name, Location you’re and More Minor Details.
  2. After You have Logged into your account or to your New Account, You can Now Start Purchasing Goods that you’re interested in. ie Smartphones, Phone Accessories, and More Other Products. Choose by Selecting the Product.
  3. When Selecting the Product, Add the Product(s) to Cart and Select your Product attributes based on your Preferences. ie Color, Size, Amount, Quantity, Design, and More Preferences.
  4. After that, You can either Leave the Page and search for More Products to add to the Cart or you may leave. Note  Kilimall allows a Single Order of Various items or More than One Product.
  5. Now your Shopping Cart Page Will Display your Selected items, their Shipping Model, Quality, and Shipping Fees as well as Total Product(s) Amount. Shipping Fees depend or May Vary with the base of the Shipping Warehouse, and Stores Location where they are Shipped from.
  6. Before you tap on the “Check Out Button” Please, Please, and Please Confirm all the details displayed on the screen. Once Confirmed you can Proceeds by Clicking on the button “Check Out”
  7. Please Confirm your Shipping Address, or you may leave if there is no need for it.
  8. Choose Your Payment Mode either ” Mpesa or Any Other Payment Method”
  9. Now you can either Choose a Cash discount like a Cash reward voucher code, to get a discount off your total price. (The Minimum cash reward that could be used in a Single order is Kshs. 10.)
  10. Tap “Pay Now” to Proceed to the Payment page.
  11. Select the Payment Method that is most convenient for you.
  12. Click “Proceeds to Pay” to Complete the Payment. Note Make Sure the amount paid should not Overpay or Underpay.
  13. After you made the Payment Successful, You will receive an SMS notification confirming that Kilimall had Receive your payment request and their dispatching center is beginning to process your order. Kindly you should Complete the payment of your Order, or within 24 hours they will automatically be Cancelled by the System.

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How to Pay at Kilimall Using Mpesa in Kenya.

About 90% of Mpesa Users are using Mpesa as the main mode of Paying their bills, Purchasing Goods, and Various Activities.

You can use Mpesa to Pay for Kilimall Online Shop in Kenya.

Here is how it goes,

  1. Click Pay now and confirm your phone number. 
  2. Enter your Mpesa Pin from your phone
  3. Payment complete.

After this, Now you’re ready to Receive Your Product(s), Usually Takes about 24 hours to receive it when you’re in Kenya or Africa While Outside Africa depends on the Mode used in transporting your Product(s). (Stay for along 2days to Receive it.)

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