How to Reset your DStv Decoder – Error 8118

How to Reset your DStv Decoder - Error 8118

DStv Error Code 8118 usually points to a hardware issue that needs to be addressed at your earliest convenience. Oftentimes, this will necessitate you to factory reset your DSTv decoder. Luckily, such a fix is doable for most subscribers, with a few tips from this guide, of course.

There are three ways to factory reset a DSTv decoder with various levels of difficulty. Starting with a simple flash erase, one can also attempt the manual route or the more technical capacitor replacement. Not that we advise the latter unless you know a thing or two about such things.

Our advice: when it gets to a point where you can’t repair your decoder short of smashing it on the wall, you might as well get a professional technician to bail you out. Secondly, those whose decoders are still under warranty should contact DSTV and have the decoder replaced.

Clearing Error 8118

  1. Press the “Reset” and “Standby” buttons on the front panel of the decoder simultaneously. The letters “dL” will appear on your decoder display panel.
  2. Press and hold the TV/AUDIO button and the P+ button at the same time until “done” appears on the decoder display panel.

That ought to reset your decoder back to factory settings. Didn’t work? Not to worry. If you are still experiencing the 8118 error, we can now proceed to the manual route and see how it goes.

Manual Reset

Manually resetting your decoder will take some quick fingers to pull off. But even then, it’s not out of the realm of possibility. Let’s take you through the process if you please:

  1. Press the “Reset” and “Standby” buttons on the front panel of the decoder simultaneously. The letters “dL” will appear on your decoder display panel.
  2. As soon as you see the letters “dL”, press this button sequence: [Standby, P+, P-, P+, Standby] in quick succession. If you get it right, the decoder should factory reset.

Didn’t work again? That’s one tough cookie! Well then, the next step isn’t something we would advise off the bat. Tampering with your decoder voids the warranty if you have one. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

In addition, unless you’re technical in this aspect, it’s preferably better to leave it to the technicians who do this for a living.

Replacing the Capacitor

At times, the capacitors inside the decoders might blow due to voltage fluctuations or some other reasons. When this happens, they need to be replaced ASAP. The first course of action is to verify that your decoder is still under warranty. DStv usually swaps out faulty decoders for replacements after which they fix yours and pass it on.

If your decoder is no longer under warranty, you can hire a technician to replace the faulty capacitors. It shouldn’t cost that much. If you are tech-savvy, you can even do it yourself, but if you do and something happens, we accept no liability.

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