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How to Send Money via M-Pesa Anonymous

How to Send Money via M-Pesa Anonymous

M-Pesa Anonymous; Kenyans sending money via M-Pesa will now be able to send money without revealing their details to the recipients.

This follows a new innovation by a local start-up that will allow M-Pesa users to send money anonymously.

The new innovation is a product of a local tech firm known as Siri Yangu Limited. According to the firm, M-T customers will be able to do this by using an application that has been dubbed as PrivPay.

When sending cash via this app, though, customers will have to lay more as the service is being run by a third party and not as a product of Safaricom.

“In instances where one doesn’t have cash on them and is reluctant to send money because they’re uncomfortable sharing their phone number or name with the recipient, PrivPay comes in handy to help send money privately via M-Pesa,” Siri Yangu product manager Sandra Mbuvis said.

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Sending Sh.100 via M-Pesa anonymous will cost a total of Sh. 113 which will include Sh. 4 M-Pesa transfer fee and an extra Sh. 9 service fee that will be charged by the app.

During a transaction, the app will pick funds for transfer from the user’s M-Pesa wallet and only acts as a payment transmitter when transferring to the recipient’s wallet.

The firm says that by using the app to send cash, a customer’s M-Pesa transfer recipient will not have access to the sender’s name and phone number.

“With the growing interest in consumer and data protection solutions in Kenya, I believe this is such a timely innovation that will resonate with many who are keen on data privacy and safety, especially in mobile money transfers.”

Once the transaction is successful, the sender gets a message from PrivPay notifying them that the money has been delivered to the recipient while another message from M-Pesa indicates that the user has implemented a payment to Siri Yangu Limited.

The recipient on the other hand receives two messages, one from PrivPay and another one from M-Pesa.

None of the messages discloses the identity of the sender who is able to give a description of the payment.

Rising cases of data breaches in recent times giving way to spamming and scamming practices have pushed up the demand for data privacy and protection solutions, with techies engaging in overdrive in efforts to match contemporary trends.

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