How to Start Podcast on YouTube Completely Free

Are you looking for how to start a podcast on youtube? Here are some simple steps to follow that can help know how to start a podcast free on YouTube:

1. Choose a podcasting equipment

2. Record your podcast

3. Decide on the video format

4. Create a YouTube podcast channel

5. Edit and prepare your podcast

6. Set up your podcast feed and publish your podcast

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How to start a podcast with no audience is very possible. You can do this maybe if you are trying out something. Also, this can be done when you are conducting your practice. A podcast with no audience will enable you better your skills and experiences.

How to start a podcast and make money is the best idea one can think of. Imagine just by recording a voice you can be able to be rich. For you to make money using your podcast, you need to upload it to the internet and to platforms where people can be able to purchase it.

Are you searching for how to start a podcast with your iPhone? Starting a podcast with an iPhone is as simple as ABC.

All you have to do is to find some recording apps such as GarageBand (Free) or Alitu and you are good to go. Later on, you can advance to buying a quality microphone for the podcast.

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