Insurance Brokers Registration Requirements

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The registration requirements for Insurance Brokers, Reinsurance Brokers, and Medical Insurance Providers (MIPs) are detailed in Sections 150 to section 156 of the Insurance Act Cap 487 of the Laws of Kenya and include the following:

  1. Registration fee KES. 10,000 payable to the Insurance Regulatory Authority.
  2. Bank guarantee of KES. 3 million from a commercial bank in the prescribed
    format, or a Government bond of at least two years in favor of the Authority.
  3. A Professional Indemnity Insurance Policy with a minimum limit of KES. 10
    million. All professional indemnity policies must expire on 31st December of
    the year of registration.
  4. A minimum paid-up share capital of KES. 1 million.
  5. CR-12 Form detailing the shareholding structure of the company.
  6. At least 60% of the shares shall be held by Kenyan citizen(s).
  7. The registered name of the applicant should be in line with section 190 of
    the Insurance Act Cap 487.
  8. A Certified copy of the certificate of incorporation.
  9. A CR-2 Form duly signed by the shareholders.
  10. The applicant should submit the following with respect to the Principal
    • i. Curriculum Vitae and Testimonials.
    • ii. A degree or a diploma in insurance from a recognized institution.
    • iii. Evidence of at least five years of experience in the insurance business.
    • iv. Identification documents (National Identification Card/ Passport).
    • v. An Appointment letter where applicable.
    • vi. Duly completed fit and proper form.
    • vii. Work permit valid for a period of at least two years in case of foreigners.
  11. Submit the statement of business; Form No INS 151-1 (in case of renewal).
  12. New applicants should submit a 3-year business plan.
  13. All Directors should submit Identification Documents and duly completed
    fit and proper forms.
    The applicant should submit an Auditor’s certificate of separation of accounts

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