Top 5 Kenyan Celebs With OnlyFans App Account

What is OnlyFans? Well, OnlyFans app account is a subscription site that lets content creators monetize their influence. As a result of the paywall that influencers can erect on their content, a lot of them have been able to charge a minimum of 4.99 USD for subscriptions. Often, the content is adult in nature.

Essentially, they will no longer allow the content of adult nature on their app and while a whole host of western content creators are affected, there are three main Kenyan content creators who have been minting millions off the app and the type of content they post on it. They are:

1. Shakillah

She once came out to announce to Kenyans that she had created an Onlyfans App account that served her truest fans some very intimate content. What was hilarious about her announcing her OF account to fans is the fact that she used that as a chance to take shots at Willy Paul.

2. Huddah Monroe

She has been one of the most vocal about her OF account and the thing about it is that it has given her some cushioning after she announced that she had to scale back some of the production points of her cosmetic company.

And it seems like she is really doing well off her account because she has managed to afford to stay in hotels in Dubai.

3. Sherlyne Anyango

The most interesting thing about her is that she is a bishop’s daughter. You read that right. Anyway, she first started by twerking on Instagram -Xtiandela’s Club Covid- at the height of the Corona lockdowns in 2020.

When that came to an end, she shifted to dancing and twerking on her own IG page but when that was attacked and pulled down, she decided to take a leap and move to OF. Since then, she has been laughing all the way to the bank.

4. Joy Agunja

Just before we could get enough of Rion, it was discovered that Corazon Kwamboka’s little sister, Joy, also has an only fans account. Most of you may remember Joy from Otile Brown’s song Hi where she was the main vixen.

Joy’s content is pretty much pornographic as well.

Mercy Sande took to Instagram to throw tantrums after the expose. Someone posts their only fans’ stuff in peace. And you want to post for free for relevance? Cried, Sande

She argued that the OnlyFans app account is someone’s private content. It’s unfair and uncalled for to post anyone’s content and post it for free. I’m so pissed! She went on.

Sande added that she has not been active on her account but she still gets money from the auto-renewals. She attached a screenshot showing how much money she gets monthly.

5. Mercy Sande

Mercy Sande admits that she makes good money from the account. Mercy has never shied away from admitting what she does seeing that she shares some of the explicit on her Instagram page. A move that has seen her lose her Instagram pages a couple of times.

One of her subscribers shared screenshots of her pictures which were basically nudes. And pornographic videos. The fan disclosed that Rion as she is identified charges roughly fifty dollars for the nasty videos. And sometimes up to a hundred dollars.

These five ladies are currently among the many Kenyans producing OF content who are going to be affected by the ban on adult content and would have to pivot into doing something else that their fan base will find entertaining.

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