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How to Access PEWA Airtime Advance on your Telkom Line

PEWA Airtime Advance on your Telkom Line

PEWA Airtime is how we manage our airtime for everyday calling, messaging, and internet when an airtime account has a negative balance – but this is on the Safaricom line, so what about Telkom Kenya?

Does the Telkom SIM card have the same product as Okoa Jahazi? Yes, users in Kenya can borrow Telkom airtime when their account runs out. It is called PEWA Airtime.

PEWA is the perfect solution to reload your phone with airtime for calls during an emergency when you don’t have money to buy airtime in the shops or using T-Kash, and aside from calls and SMS, the borrowed credit is usable for other chargeable Telkom services like buying data bundles to browse the internet except for roaming.

How do you borrow airtime on Telkom Line?

Here is how to access PEWA airtime advance on your Telkom line in Kenya:

  1. On your Telkom SIM dialler, dial *100# to access the customer self-service menu.
  2. Go to option number 2 ‘Top-up’
  3. You will see several ways of recharging Telkom airtime, but go to 4 ‘PEWA’ for credit advance
  4. Choose to get Pewa Airtime
  5. Enter the amount and press Send to get the airtime advance

The airtime loan will be recharged to your account automatically and instantly in seconds. Upon successful borrowing, you must pay back within seven days with a 10% service charge.

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Telkom Pewa has a validity of 30 days. To qualify for any amount, you need to have been a Telkom subscriber for at least two months and have a record of consistently recharging and utilizing its services.

Further, when you qualify to access this service, your balance must be below Ksh20 to get the advance airtime.

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