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Safaricom Edit Bonga Points Expiry Date

Safaricom Edit Bonga Points Expiry Date

Safaricom first introduced its Bonga Points rewards program back in January 2007. The main aim of this scheme is to reward subscribers for using its services and hopefully entice them to stick with the network and keep using its services. 

Subscribers earn 1 Bonga point for every Ksh 10 they spend on the network. This can be money spent on voice, mobile data, and SMS. Over the years, the telco also added an M-Pesa option with customers earning 1 Bonga point for every Ksh 100 they spent on M-Pesa transactions. 

With the accumulated Bonga points, you can redeem them for Smartphones, Kenya Airways tickets, and even buy stocks at the NSE.

This is in addition to the option of redeeming the points for data, minutes, and texts. Safaricom even introduced an option for subscribers to pay for Google and services using Bonga points.

Every 5 Bonga points that you redeem equates to 1 Shilling. This means that if you have 1,000 points, that equals to Ksh 200. 

How to Set Safaricom Bonga Points Expiry Date

Telecommunications operator Safaricom has set an expiry date for Bonga Points- its customer loyalty scheme that sees subscribers earn points for using its network.

In an update to the loyalty program’s terms and conditions which is set to be announced later this month, the operator says Bonga Points older than three years (December 2019) will expire on January 1, 2023, and will be unavailable for redemption.

“This is a business decision aimed at encouraging Bonga redemption,” Safaricom said in the leaked new terms and conditions.

Bonga Points accrued are now set to have a validity period to enable customers to redeem the points.

Safaricom customers have been earning one Bonga Point for every Ksh.10 spent on the network.

The points are subsequently redeemable for rewards including talk time (minutes), data bundles, and SMS.

The service began in October 2017 with terms and conditions (Ts & Cs) being previously amended in December 2021.

The move to void idle Bonga Points is aimed at reducing the telco’s liability from the loyalty program to customers which are presently estimated at Ksh.4.5 billion.

How to check if your Bonga points are about to expire

You can check if you have any Bonga points about to expire by:

  • Dialing *126#
  • Choose Option 3 “Check Bonga Points”
  • Select 2 “Bonga Points Due to expire”
  • You will see if you have any points expiring soon

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