Process to Clear Your Name and Loans Once Blacklisted on CRB

How to Clear Your Name and Loans Once Blacklisted

Sometimes you may be frustrated when seeking services only to find that you have been blocked due to being blacklisted on CRB (Credit Reference Bureau). Listing with CRB is due to defaulted loan facilities that you may have taken with a financial institution. The listing with CRB should not worry you as it is reversible. … Read more

How to Get a Loan to Start a Business, How to Apply

Get a Loan to Start a Business

Getting a loan to start a business can be a daunting task, but it’s possible. There are a variety of types of financing available to startups, and the right one for you will depend on your specific needs and qualifications. Most Common Types of Loans for Startups: 1. Small Business Administration (SBA) loans:  The SBA … Read more

Finally, Safaricom to Launch Interest-free Loans

Finally, Safaricom to Launch Interest-free Loans

According to Safaricom chief executive officer Peter Ndegwa, the telco has been addressing concerns that were raised by the CBK on Interest-free Loans. “I am sure it will show up. We needed to change a few things. We will bring it back. It needs to be approved normally just in the same way CBK approves … Read more

Logbook Loans Guide, How to Apply In Kenya

Logbook Loans Guide

Logbook loans are a type of secured loan that uses a borrower’s vehicle as collateral. To obtain a logbook loan, a borrower must provide the lender with the vehicle’s logbook, which contains important information such as the owner’s name, address, and vehicle registration details. The lender will typically assess the value of the vehicle and … Read more

Top 10 Best Logbook Loans Lenders In Kenya

Best Logbook Loans Lenders

These are Logbook Loans lenders who provide loans to clients, with vehicle logbooks used as security. Most lenders provide loans within 24 hours. The loans offered to cover up to 80% of the vehicle’s value, irrespective of the model and age of the vehicle. In no particular order, here are some of the best logbook … Read more

Cheapest Logbook Loans in Kenya

Cheapest Logbook Loans

If you have been cash-strapped and in urgent need of a loan, you might have thought of putting your car on the line to get a Logbook Loans. Logbook loans have risen in popularity over the years in Kenya with multiple lenders including banks and microfinance institutions offering this secured loan option.  If you are … Read more