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KopaKash Loan App: Mobile loans have become more popular for customers seeking quick loans. Unlike over-the-counter loans, mobile loans offer convenience and flexibility.

Take for example if one had an emergency; that requires financial attention, over the weekend and on public holidays when most banking halls are closed! Such an individual will suffer a great deal. But thanks to mobile loan Apps, one can process loans online and instantly.

All that is required is a smartphone and you will get your loan instantly. Furthermore, mobile loans are paperless, and thus very few requirements, if any, are needed.

Again, there are so many lenders providing loans online. Mobile lenders have developed Apps that can be downloaded freely from Play Store.

Here is one of the lenders providing such loans online.

KopaKash Loan App Loan Limit

• Loan Amount: KSh 500 – KSh 50,000
• Loan Term: the shortest term is 91 days, and the longest is 120 days
• Maximum interest rate: 20% per year
• APR:24%
• Loan Amount: KSh 500 – KSh 50,000

As a digital lending platform, KopaKash will charge service fees according to the product you choose, which is used for credit score assessment, account management, and payment cost.

KopaKash Loan App Calculator

Example: If you choose a loan limit of KES10,000 with a period of 1 year, after deducting service fees, the total interest must be paid: 10,000 * 0,0005 * 365 = KES1828

KopaKash can give a quick loan to help everyone in Kenya who need money to grow their businesses, pay for school fees, buy things or finance any other emergencies.

As an online lending platform, KopaKash will charge different origination fees according to the product you choose, which is used for credit score assessment, account management, and payment cost.

Why take a loan from KopaKash?

• No credit history required
• Paperless and digital process on your mobile
• Get 7/24 access to loans anytime and anywhere
• Speedy review in 30 minutes
• Disburse to your bank account or M-PESA directly in 5 minutes once approved
• Available across Kenya
• As the credit score grows, the loan amount gradually increases
• Variety of convenient repayment methods

KopaKash Eligibility:

• Kenya Resident
• 18-60 years old
• has a monthly source of income.

How to repay the loan

• through KopaKash M-Pesa Paybill 733555 and the account no. is the Mpesa phone number you sign up with
• enter the amount you pay and enter the pin of M-Pesa
• the transaction cost is 0
• good repayment will increase your credit

Email: [email protected]
Address: Tetezi Tower, George Padmore Road, Nairobi City, Kenya

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