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Top 10 Article Writing Jobs in Kenya That Pay Via Mpesa

Article Writing Jobs in Kenya That Pay Via Mpesa

Article Writing Jobs that pay via PayPal are also considered to be paid through MPESA since you can withdraw your PayPal deposits to MPESA directly.

The other category of Article Writing Jobs in Kenya that pay through Mpesa is offered by local employers – people who own websites or other Kenyan writers who outsource to fellow writers when swamped with work.

In addition, there are two types of online writing jobs you can do- writing articles (you write blogs and other content for websites) or academic writing (you mainly handle academic works such as completing essays, assignments, term papers, projects, etc. for students in high school and higher education institutions).

Having clarified that here is the list of jobs you can target (in both article and academic writing):

Here is the article writing jobs in Kenya that could pay you via MPESA:

  • Upwork– Upwork has one the largest pool of jobs available for remote Writers including those from Kenya. The main caveat is that you need to know how to bid for jobs here to make serious cash.
  • Fiverr-This writing platform runs on a very straightforward idea. What can $5 do for you? Well, you offer your writing services starting at $5 here. Potential buyers will browse various offers and hire you if they like your pitch. While it may appear little, many Kenyans earn surprising amounts of money offering writing services on Fiverr.
  • PPH (people per hour)- One of the friendliest online writing sites for beginners, PeoplePerHour can be good especially when you’re just starting out because it is easy to create an account here.
  •– The other place I felt can be an option for newcomers is Like UpWork, you must be excellent at bidding for jobs to succeed on Guru.
  • Hubstaff Talent-Through this site, you are connected to clients who can reward you handsomely if you’re an outstanding writer. Signing up on HubstuffTalent is free.
  • Outsourcely– Outsourcely allows potential employers to interview you and even hire your talent directly without the company’s involvement. Check them out too.
  • CraigList– You can also scour CraigList for advertised writing jobs. Here you apply for jobs that you feel will be a perfect match. com works in a similar way and could be worth checking out.
  • Facebook- There are dozens of FaceBook groups where clients post freelance writing jobs in Kenya. To get started, search FaceBook for such groups and join.
  • Kuhustle Writing Jobs– Kuhustle is owned by a Kenyan and links Kenyans to writing jobs from local or foreign clients. Sign up on Kuhustle here.
  • ProBlogger– If you’re super confident about your skills, try applying for online writing jobs from ProBlogger, one of the most popular job boards for writers and bloggers. With luck, you can secure a very high-paying job here.

That is how to earn through Article Writing Jobs/blog posts or writing essays, term papers, or other academic work.

Keep in mind that some of the above platforms have certain restrictions and you may be unable to create an account (where applicable)/register until you comply.

The other crucial thing is skills- you may not go far if you lack appropriate skills.

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