Top 10 Christian Current Events & Political Podcasts

The Briefing – Political Podcasts

Put out each weekday by Al Mohler, President of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, the Briefing is an intelligent look at the top news stories as analyzed through the Christian worldview.

This is an excellent way to stay informed of current events and maintain a biblical outlook regarding our culture.

Breakpoint This Week

As you may have guessed, this is a weekly podcast put out by Breakpoint. These 25-minute episodes hosted by John Stonestreet feature discussions of faith, politics, and culture.

In the Market with Janet Parshall

Each weekday Janet Parshall provides unique insight and analysis of current events.

The Christian Outlook

Each Saturday this podcast seeks to help listeners sort through today’s issues in a way that honors the Christian faith. Each episode features interesting guests and multiple topics.

Questions and Ethics with Russell Moore

Listen as Russell Moore explores applying the gospel of the kingdom to questions about cultural issues and the Christian life.

Thinking In Public – Political Podcasts

Also by Al Mohler, each of these episodes is in an interview format and features discussions about theological and cultural issues facing our society. This is longer than The Briefing but is put out only once or twice each month.

Truce Podcast

Hosted by Chris Staron, Truce uses journalistic tools to look inside the Christian church to explore how we got here and how we can do better. Think NPR with stories of interest to the church.

The Village Church Podcast Show

Hosted by Matt Chandler and Josh Patterson, The Village Church Podcast Show offers a fun and insightful look at ministry, theology, and culture. Put out twice a month, each episode is about 30 minutes.

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