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Top 10 Christian Preaching & Christian leaders Podcasts

Pastor’s Talk from – Christian leaders podcasts

In this Christian leaders Podcasts, Jonathan Leeman and Mark Dever discuss a variety of issues important to the local church. Both Leeman and Dever minister at Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, D.C. Leeman is also the editorial director and Dever the president of 9 Marks.

The Expositor Podcast

This podcast offers informative counsel and wisdom from one of today’s leading biblical expositors on the details of sermon preparation, preaching, and ministry.

EST. – For the Established Church

A weekly discussion for the established church. Led by Micah Fries, Sam Rainer, and Josh King. Each podcast episode clocks in at around thirty minutes.

Am I Called?

Rather than a sermon feed, this podcast features Dave Harvey interviewing key Christian leaders to discuss the issue of pastoral calling, as well as pastoral leadership in general.

Grace To You– Christian leaders

Each day a new sermon from John MacArthur is put out. These excellent expository sermons are 30 minutes in length and provide solid, biblical teaching.

John Piper

These sermons from Piper are distributed through Desiring God, though currently, the feed seems to not have been updated for a few weeks.

Kevin DeYoung

DeYoung is pastor of the University Reformed Church in East Lansing, Michigan. This podcast regularly features his latest sermons.

Mark Dever

A pastor at Capitol Hills Baptist Church and President of 9Marks Ministries, Mark Dever is an excellent speaker and expository preacher. In the link above you’ll need to sort by the preacher to find his most recent sermon.

Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Martyn Lloyd-Jones was a Welsh Protestant minister, preacher, and medical doctor who was influential in the Reformed wing of the British evangelical movement in the 20th century.

While these are obviously not new, they do put out a sermon each weekday.

Paul Washer – Christian leaders

Paul David Washer is the Founder/Director & Missions Coordinator of HeartCry Missionary Society which supports indigenous missionary work.

Preaching and Preachers

Preaching and Preachers is a podcast devoted to those who preach, and to the task of preaching itself. It is brought to you by Jason Allen, President of Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. This is a weekly podcast.

Revived Thoughts

This podcast brings history’s greatest sermons back to life! Each episode features a 5-10 minute backstory on who the preacher is to better understand the sermon’s context.

And each sermon has had its language updated for easy listening for the 21st-century believer.

Thom Ranier on Leadership

Thom Rainer is the President and CEO of LifeWay Christian Resources. This podcast focuses on leadership lessons for the local church. This twice-weekly podcast provides practical training on important issues for church leaders and pastors.

On Preaching with H.B. Charles, Jr.

This podcast from Pastor H.B. Charles is dedicated to helping you to preach faithfully, clearly, and better. Each episode takes a close look at some very practical aspects of preaching.

Truth For Life

These sermons from Alistair Begg are put out daily with a mission to teach the Bible with clarity and relevance so that unbelievers will be converted, believers will be established and local churches will be strengthened.

Reclamation: Worship

Hosted by Jason Allen, Reclamation: Worship exists to reclaim a biblical view of worship for the Church.

Word Matters with Trevin Wax and Brandon Smith

Each episode takes a contested or puzzling passage of the Bible, walks through the most common interpretations, and then recommends how to preach or teach the passage effectively.

* Note: There are many great preachers providing excellent sermons online, but not all post regular podcasts. If you have a link for your favorite preacher, share it in the comments!

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