Top 3 Short But Worthwhile Christian Podcast

Hundreds of options are available for people who want faith-based things to listen to on the way home from work. Devotionals, sermons, adulting how-to’s, educational content, Christian-centered debates about science and the arts and pop culture… it’s all out there, inviting believers to come to listen.

A quick Google search brings up tons of Christian podcast options, and the sheer amount of them can be overwhelming. To help with that, I’ve put together (in no particular order) a list of 25 faith-based podcasts to help people get started.

Ask Pastor John

Out each weekday, this Christian Podcast features daily interviews with John Piper where he answers tough theological and pastoral questions.

Scripture, Science, & Salvation

This 13-minute podcast is produced by the Institute for Creation Research ( and each episode is dedicated to showing how scientific evidence supports the Bible, particularly the Genesis account.

5 Minutes in Church History

5 Minutes in Church History, hosted by Dr. Stephen Nichols, is a weekly podcast that provides an informal and informative look at church history. As you may have guessed, each one lasts 5 minutes.

The Unending TBR Podcast

Bookish Christians often joke about how bad Christian fiction can be. In addition to helping them find decent Christian books, The Unending TBR Podcast welcomes them to discuss the different genres, tropes, etc. of Christian fiction in-depth.

The Story Behind

Christians love to hear about other believers doing or experiencing things that glorify God. Host Emily Prokop in The Story Behind tells listeners dozens of stories about humans showing the love of God through grand acts of sacrifice and small acts of kindness and love.

Food, Faith, and Fasting

One of the many gifts God has given people is their bodies. And since those gifts are precious, we need to take good care of them. In Food, Faith, and Fasting, from Rita Madden, listeners can learn different ways to deal with weight loss, diabetes, diet, and other aspects of their health. in theologically sound ways.

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