List Of Top Insurance Companies In Kenya And Contacts

Insurance Companies

According to the Insurance Regulatory Authority, almost 50 insurance companies (2021) in the Kenyan Market offer various products and services.

As a result, deciding which one is best for you can be difficult. Furthermore, if you have already switched from one insurance provider to another, you should be aware that all insurance companies are not equal in terms of service delivery.

Here are the top best insurance companies in Kenya to know based on your needs and profile.

1AAR INSURANCE KENYAMedical0202895000Real Towers, Hospital Road, Upper Hill
2AFRICAN MERCHANT ASSURANCEGeneral0738312121Transnational Plaza, Mama Ngina Street, CBD
3AIG INSURANCE COMPANYGeneral0203676 000Eden Square Complex, Westlands
4ALLIANZ INSURANCE COMPANYGeneral0204231400Cavendish Block, 14 Riverside, Westlands
5APA INSURANCE COMPANYGeneral, Life, Medical0202862000/364Apollo Centre, Westlands
6BRITAM GENERAL INSURANCEGeneral, Life, Medical0703 094000Britam General Insurance, Elgon Road, Upper Hill
7CANNON ASSURANCE COMPANYGeneral0724259847Gateway Business Park, Mombasa Road
8CIC GENERAL INSURANCE COMPANYGeneral, Life, Medical020-2823000CIC PLAZA, Mara Road, Upper Hill.
9CORPORATE INSURANCE COMPANYGeneral0202717617Corporate Place, Kiambere Road, off Lower Hill Road, Upper Hill
10DIRECTLINE ASSURANCE COMPANYGeneral0202242405Hazina Towers, 17th Flr, Monrovia St
11FIDELITY SHIELD INSURANCEGeneral0204225000Equatorial Fidelity Centre, Off Waiyaki Way, Westlands
12FIRST ASSURANCE COMPANYGeneral, Medical0722444117First Assurance House, Cylde Gardens, Gitanga Road
13GA INSURANCE COMPANYGeneral, Medical020 271 1633/4GA Insurance Ltd. 4th Fl. GA Insurance House, Ralph Bunche Road
14GATEWAY INSURANCE COMPANYGeneral0202713131Gateway Place, Milimani Road, Milimani
15GEMINIA INSURANCE COMPANYGeneral, Life0202782000Geminia Insurance Plaza, Kilimanjaro Avenue, Upperhill
16HERITAGE INSURANCE COMPANYGeneral, Life, Medical0202783000LIBERTY House, Mamlaka Road
17ICEA LION GENERAL INSURANCEGeneral020 2750000ICEA Lion Centre Waiyaki way Westlands
18INTRA-AFRICA ASSURANCEGeneral0202712607/11Williamson House, 4th Ngong Avenue
19INVESCO ASSURANCE COMPANYGeneral0715316830Bishop Magua Center, 3rd Floor Opp. Uchumi Hyper, Off Ngong Road
20JUBILEE INSURANCE COMPANYGeneral, Life, Medical0203281000Jubilee Insurance Building, General Kago St, Nairobi, Kenya
21KENINDIA ASSURANCE COMPANY 0202218380Kenindia House, 12th Floor, P.O Box 44372 Utalii St.
22KENYA ORIENT INSURANCEGeneral020 29620001st Floor, Hughes Building, Muindi Mbingu St.
23MADISON INSURANCE COMPANYGeneral, Medical, Life0202864000Madison Insurance House, Upper Hill Rd
24MAYFAIR INSURANCE COMPANYGeneral020 2999000Mayfair Centre, Ralph Bunche Rd, Nairobi
25OCCIDENTAL INSURANCE COMPANYGeneral0202362602Crescent Business Centre- Parklands, along Crescent Road
26PACIS INSURANCE COMPANYGeneral0204452560Centenary House, Ring Rd, Westlands
27PHOENIXOF EAST AFRICAGeneral0732178000AMBANK House, University Way
28RESOLUTION HEALTH INSURANCEGeneral, Medical0202894000Parkfield Place, Muthangari Drive, Off Waiyaki Way, Westlands
29SAHAM ASSURANCEGeneral, Life0202742662 
30TAKAFUL INSURANCE OF AFRICASharia compliant020 2725134CIC Plaza, Mara Road, Upper Hill, Nairobi
31TAUSI ASSURANCE COMPANYGeneral0202312681/85/93Tausi Road, Off Muthithi Road,Westlands
32THE KENYAN ALLIANCE INSURANCEGeneral0722 205286Chester House Ground & 1st Floor, Koinange Street
33THE MONARCH INSURANCEGeneral0202452182Olenguruone Rd, Nairobi City
34TRIDENT INSURANCE COMPANYGeneral, Medical0202721710Capitol Hill Towers, Cathedral Road Upperhill
35UAP INSURANCE COMPANYGeneral, Life, Medical0202850000Bishop Road, Bishops GardenTowers, Upperhill
36XPLICO INSURANCE COMPANYGeneral0203642000Park Place, 2nd Avenue, Parklands, Off Limuru Road

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