How to Transfer Money to Equity Account via Mpesa

How to Transfer Money to Equity Account via Mpesa

Equity bank account is arguably one of the biggest banks in Kenya and has a large pool of clients. The bank has its own Mpesa pay bill number that you can use to easily deposit funds into their accounts.

To use this service, you need the equity pay bill number and an Equity bank account.

How to Send Money from Mpesa to Your Equity Bank Account

Sending your funds using the Equity pay bill number is faster, safer, and more convenient. You don’t have to worry about losing your cash in transit to the bank.

The following is a guide on how to send money from your Mpesa account to your Equity Bank account;

  • Click on the Safaricom sim toolkit, Safaricom App, or the Mpesa app.
  • Click on Mpesa.
  • Hit the Lipa na Mpesa button.
  • Click the Paybill option.
  • Select the “Enter business number” option.
  • Key in the Equity Bank pay bill number which is 247247 as the business number.
  • Click the account number and key in your Equity Bank account number.
  • Key in the amount that you want to send and proceed.
  • Type in your Mpesa Pin number.
  • Confirm the details and if everything checks out hit the send button.
  • Instantly, you will receive a confirmation message from both Safaricom and Equity Bank. These texts are evidence that the transaction was completed in case any issue arises.

If you don’t receive either of the texts, kindly check your balance. Also, if the balance is still the same then you can repeat the transaction.

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If it has gone through and there is no confirmation or the balance on your equity account is still less than anticipated, contact equity customer care at 0763 000 000.

Equity and Safaricom are the biggest and most profitable companies in Kenya. Therefore, this service is used by many clients. This partnership allows Kenyans to deposit cash through pay bill numbers safely.

Apart from that Mpesa equity bank has the Ezzy bank app that customers can use to transfer money from their account to Mpesa or even withdraw money from PayPal.

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