Why You Should Avoid ‘Lipa Mdogo Mdogo’ Phones at All Costs

Lipa Mdogo Mdogo

Safaricom Lipa Mdogo Mdogo offers phone financing to customers who want to own a smartphone. The phone financing service allows customers to pay for the phone in daily, weekly or monthly installments.

Safaricom initially offered basic phones on the platform, but they have added more expensive phones over time.

Safaricom has partnered with Google, Itel, and Tecno to provide expensive phones that were not available before.

Who qualifies for this?

The service is available to prepaid customers. However, you need to dial *544# to check your eligibility. However, there are some general qualifications such as:

  • One should not be listed in CRB
  • Be at least 18 years and not more than 75
  • Have a 2G or 3G phone currently
  • You should have used Safaricom for at least one year

If you qualify for the service, you will receive an SMS to confirm—Rember to read the terms and conditions before proceeding with the transaction.

Why You Should Avoid ‘Lipa Mdogo Mdogo’ Phones

Cell phones have had a meteoric rise in acceptance due to their comfort and versatility. There are several crucial differences to be made between these two mobile devices.

Customers who had previously purchased a phone with cash had a credit applied to their accounts for the full purchase amount plus a refundable deposit.

Some phone companies have promoted programs that allow customers to purchase a phone with simply a down payment and then pay the balance via daily bank account debits since the turn of the millennium.

The vast majority of individuals already own or desire to own one of these phones, despite the fact that most do not have the whole amount required to make an outright purchase.

Despite the benefits of this strategy, there are undoubtedly some drawbacks as well.

These phones cost almost twice as much as alternatives, so you shouldn’t get them. An example of a circumstance would be: Pay Ksh.500 as a down payment on a phone that would normally cost Ksh.4000, with the remaining Ksh.4000 paid in full over the course of nine months at Ksh.20 per day using lipa Mdogo Mdogo.

So, in order to cover the difference between the cash price and the actual cash price, you’ll need to spend Ksh. 6000 (almost $800).

Due to the potential danger, they may do, keep away from them. Thank you for reading this essay, and we hope you’ll think about reading more of our work in the future.

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