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YouTube Income for 1 Million Views in Indian Rupees

YouTube Income for 1 Million Views in Indian Rupees

Those channels earning as low as $800 for 1 million views get nearly all their views from India. YouTube pays $800 to $2500 per 1 million views in India.

The amount of money depends on the geographical location the views come from, the quality of the videos, the niche, and the type of adverts displayed on your channel.

If your channel attracts 50% and above of the views from the USA, you are likely to earn at least $1500 from YouTube. A channel without USA and Europe traffic will hardly earn more than

YouTube income in India is generally generated through AdSense. The RPM for Indian traffic is $0.50, meaning that for every 1000 views a channel gets, it earns $0.50.

To start earning money from your channel, you need 1000 subscribers, at least 4000 watch time hours, and the channel must be at least 12 months old. Your videos must also be original and of high quality.

For new channels, it’s hard to get 1 million views, all you need is to have as many subscribers as possible. The ideal number of subscribers needed is 100,000. It takes at least 1 year of serious content creation for one to get 100,000 subscribers.

With 100,000 subscribers, one video will yield 10,000 views and above. Assuming that the average number of views for each video is 10, 000, you need 100 videos to generate 1 million views. This means that you have to post at least 2 high-quality videos daily.

To increase your chances of earning over $2000 from 1 million YouTube views, your channel(s) should specialize in high-paying niches. Below we give a list of the most profitable niches for YouTubers in India:

Profitable YouTube NichesAverage CPM
1. Make Money Online$13.54
2. Social Media Marketing$12.41
3. Finance & Investing$12.25
4. Educational Videos$9.89
5. Photography & Film Making$7.40
6. Cars$4.11
7. Lifestyle$3.47
8. Fashion & Clothing$3.13
9. Entertainment$2.74
10. Cooking$2.50
11. Tech & Gadgets$2.39
12. Reviews & Reactions$2.03
13. Bodybuilding & Fitness$1.60
14. Music$1.46
15. Video Games$1.40

As you make your videos, ensure that they are of high quality and long enough. Each video should last for at least 5 minutes. If possible, make them 10-20 minutes long. You should also create content targeting USA traffic.

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