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How To Sign Up For World ID And Use World Coin App

How To Sign Up For World Id And Use World Coin App

World ID is a key component of the Worldcoin project, and World App is its critical first gateway. In order to understand how to use them, it’s first important to review what each of them is and does. 

  • World ID is a secure and privacy-preserving way to digitally prove that you’re a unique human. It serves as a global digital passport or identity wallet, enabling access to the new online world. 
  • World App, built and serviced by Tools for Humanity, is the first wallet built for the Worldcoin protocol. It combines the power of the Worldcoin and Ethereum protocols to give everyone a simple way to access decentralized identity and finance. 

How to download and use World App

World App is available natively on iOS and Android devices. Its small size (18MB) makes it easy to download from anywhere in the world. You can download World App by following this link.

With World App, you can prove you’re a real and unique person using World ID, claim Worldcoin grants where available*, save and send digital money and explore and use cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin and Ethereum. It’s designed by Tools for Humanity to be not only useful but easy to use—for everyone.

Both versions of the app are localized to multiple languages and support the most active smartphones globally, including 98.2% of Androids and 94.5% of iPhones in use today.

World App is a simple, powerful, self-custodial wallet that offers gas-free transactions for verified World ID holders. And starting today, it’s available globally.

How to sign up for World ID

World ID uses iris biometrics via a custom imaging device called the Orb to verify that you’re a real and unique person. 

To sign up for your verified World ID:

  1. Download the World App
  2. Locate the nearest Worldcoin Operator in the World App
  3. Complete the QR code scan and verification process at an Orb with the help of a Worldcoin Operator
  4. Receive a unique, fully functional World ID

Because biometrics are involved, product design and implementation are held to a strict standard of privacy. Images are processed in memory locally on the Orb and then deleted. The output is an iris code only, which is a way to numerically represent the texture of an iris.

Users have the option to opt-in to back up their images. This option exists because the algorithm that computes the iris code is still evolving to make sure it can support signing up everyone. Learn more about privacy here.

It’s important to note that World ID is designed to verify your uniqueness, not your personal identity.

Once verified, you can hold your World ID on your World App (or in future wallets developed by other Worldcoin partners) and use it to seamlessly sign in to websites, mobile apps, and crypto apps.

Verified World IDs also enable you to claim Worldcoin grants where available* and earn a small, free share of digital currencies through the “Learn to earn” feature in World App. 

It’s also possible to get a functionally-limited World ID without signing up at an Orb using just a phone number.

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