How to Pay Direct Line Insurance Policy Via Mpesa

How to Pay Direct Line Insurance Policy Via Mpesa

Direct Line Insurance Policy provides insurance policies to Public Service Vehicles (PSV), Commercial Motor, Private Vehicles, and Taxi to protect their clients from any liability incurred by the use of the motor vehicle. This article provides you with a guide on Directline Insurance Paybill numbers and steps on how to pay for your Insurance policy using Mpesa.

Policyholders with this policy can pay for their monthly or yearly insurance policies comfortably via Mpesa through the Direct Line Insurance Mpesa Paybill number

DirectLine Insurance Mpesa Paybill Number

To pay for your insurance policy with Direct Line, use the Mpesa Paybill number 509800.

Under the account number, use your Policy number as the account number. Below is a step-by-step process policyholders with Direct Line Insurance Policies can use to pay for their monthly policy premiums using Mpesa.

How to pay for DirectLine Insurance Policy with Mpesa

  1. Go to the MPESA menu using your Safaricom Line
  2. Select Lipa Na MPESA
  3. Select Paybill
  4. Enter Direct Line Business Number-509800
  5. Under account number, Enter your Direct Line Policy number
  6. Enter amount(e.g Ksh50,000)
  7. Enter your MPESA Pin and press send

You will receive a confirmation text confirming your payment from both Mpesa and Direct Line. Should you encounter any challenges reach out to the Directline help desk through Tel: 020 3250000 / 0711 030000 / 0730 130000.

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Direct Line has made it possible for their clients to pay for their insurance policies via Mpesa and then collect their vehicle stickers at selected petrol stations in Kenya.

Directline Insurance Account Number

Apart from the Lipa na Mpesa method, below is alternative method policyholders can use to pay for their monthly premiums.

  • Banker’s Cheque
  • Bank funds transfer method
  • Mpesa Paybill 509800.
  • Direct Cash Payment

Direct Line offers both third-party and comprehensive motor vehicle insurance covers below

Direct Line Third Party Insurance Policy Cover

This is the basic, mandatory cover you as a motorist must have. It provides cover for third parties in case of bodily injury or damage to their property.

Under Third Party, Direct Line will compensate the policyholder against legal liabilities incurred as a result of the use of the motor vehicle, such as Third Party Injuries, Third Party Property Damage, and Legal Representation.

Third-Party cover applies to the following categories of vehicles.

  • PSV Matatu
  • PSV Bus
  • Taxi
  • Commercial Motor
  • Private Motor Vehicle

Direct Line Comprehensive Insurance Cover Policy

Under comprehensive cover, Directline insurance offers both compensation on liabilities arising from third parties and also accidental damage or loss of motor vehicles including standard accessories and spare parts.

Direct Line Comprehensive cover applies to the following categories of vehicles.
  • PSV Matatu
  • PSV Bus
  • Private Motor Vehicle

Directline Insurance Company also offers policy extensions to cover Political, Violence and Terrorism, and Excess protection at an additional cost.

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